Maximizing Your Enneagram Type

Requirements: Each individual will determine what rhythm he or she wants to set.  Typically directees choose to meet once per month for one hour.  Each individual chooses what to share in each meeting.


There are two assigned texts and one online test.

  1. Take the Enneagram test at
  2. The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles by Jerome Wagner
  3. Maximizing Your Enneagram Type: A Workbook by John Carlini

The Goal

The goals will be:

  • To understand his or her particular Enneagram style.
  • To identify his or her unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • To formulate different strategies to overcome his or her weaknesses by using their strengths.
  • To evaluate how his or her strategies are working.  If the strategies are working, build on them; if not formulate new strategies and evaluate those.

The Method

The directee will complete a chapter in the workbook and bring issues and insights to each meeting.  The director will provide a safe place for the directee to share what is on their mind.  The director will be a sounding board who listens and helps the directee work through the issues that arise.

Projected Start Date: Each individual will have an initial meeting with the director and determine:

  • If the directee and director are a good match
    • If not, the director will refer the directee to a more appropriate director.
    • If they are a good match, they will set up a schedule of meeting times.
  • There are only a limited number of open slots at any given time.