The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola


The class will meet one time per week for approximately 2 hours.  There will be approximately 30 sessions.  Each class member is expected to come prepared; having spent at least 40 minutes per day in prayer and study of the materials presented in class, prepared to share their experience, and prepared to listen prayerfully to others’ presentations.


We will be using Choosing Christ In The World by Joseph Tetlow.

The Goal

The goal of the exercises is for each individual to grow deeply and more intimately in their relationship with Jesus.

The Method

Each week during the meeting:

  • Each participant will briefly share for approximately 5 minutes as to what God has been doing with them in their personal devotional time.
  • The other participants will then comment on what they heard the person share.
    • This is not to give advice.
    • It is to share what they heard.
    • It can be to share how what was said touched you.

Projected Stat Date

The class can be done individually on a one to one basis anytime.  A group can be scheduled when 4-6 people show an interest.